Youth Scholarship Program

Paraguaçu Paulista Apply to our Youth Scholarship Program. If you are 25 or under and would like to apply for a youth scholarship, email us with a few paragraphs describing your musical experience and ambitions. It will also help to attach a recommendation from one or more instructors or established musicians who know you. The number of grants we are able to offer in any given year naturally depends on the level of contributions received. It is likely that most grants offered will take the form of partial scholarships.

Note: We have had quite a number of donations this year; we are now in a position to offer several partial scholarships!!

Call for Volunteer “Techs” to Host the Class Sessions

buy Ivermectin online in u.k We’ll need some volunteer “techs” to help run the online class sessions in exchange for free admission and free access after camp to all videos of all classes. You don’t have to be a computer expert, but you do need to have a relatively up-to-date laptop or desktop and decent internet service. To find out more, go to our Tech Host Responsibilities & Help Sheet or apply; to find out still more or apply, email us at

Donate to our Youth Scholarship Program Youngsters often get a tremendous kick-start by being exposed to great players and to the exciting atmosphere of a banjo camp, but they often have trouble finding the resources to attend. In an effort to remedy this state of affairs — and help ensure the future of the music we love — we have established a youth scholarship fund aimed at helping to bring more folks under 25 to Camp.

If you can afford to contribute $25, $50, or even $100 to this cause, please note the amount of your donation in the appropriate box on the Registration Form.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Send us an email at, and give us an idea of your musical background and why you feel that attending SBC 2022 will help you achieve your musical goals. A note of recommendation from your music teacher or from another music pro – particularly one of our current or former instructors – would also be helpful.

Thank you for your support!