SBC Work Study Program

We offer a few work-scholarships each year. The deal is as follows: we offer $250 off your tuition in exchange for roughly 10 hours of work. Among the jobs you might be assigned to are helping with set-up and registration, assisting at the camp store and at meal times, and serving as “go-fers.” Be prepared to appear on site about an hour before check-in and to remain on site to help with cleanup for an hour or two after the conclusion of Camp. Applicants should be physically fit, and should be unable to afford coming to camp without the scholarship. We would particularly like to encourage those under 25 to take advantage of this plan. If you are interested, please contact us and describe your situation. We reserve the right to discontinue this offer once we figure we have enough people signed up.

Youth Scholarship Program

Apply to our Youth Scholarship Program. If you are 25 or under and would like to apply for a youth scholarship, email us with a few paragraphs describing your musical experience and ambitions. It will also help to attach a letter of recommendation from one or more instructors or established musicians who know you. The number of grants we are able to offer in any given year naturally depends on the level of contributions received. It is likely that most grants offered will take the form of partial scholarships.

Donate to our Youth Scholarship Program

Youngsters often get a tremendous kick-start by being exposed to great players and to the exciting atmosphere of a banjo camp, but they often have trouble finding the resources to attend. In an effort to remedy this state of affairs — and help ensure the future of the music we love — we have established a youth scholarship fund aimed at helping to bring more folks under 25 to Camp.

If you can afford to contribute $25, $50, or even $100 to this cause, please use the Donate button below — or you can note the amount of your donation in the appropriate box on the Registration Form.

Scholarship Available for Social Media Helper

We are looking for someone who is well versed in social media and can help spread the word about SBC, and might be able to offer a partial or even full scholarship. If you are interested please contact us through the website.

Thank you for your support!