Banjo Camp Jams


Creating successful jams in a camp with so many banjoists takes skill and planning. To make things run as smooth as possible, we have Camp fiddlers, guitarists and a number of other guest musicians on hand to assist at our various scheduled jams. Then we try to fulfill your preferences by offering various jamming options:

  • Slow jams for relatively inexperienced players (and for others who prefer relaxed tempos)
  • Intermediate jams: well-known tunes at moderate tempos.
  • Regular Jams: for the slightly more adventurous. Instructors will may push tempos a little and suggest somewhat more demanding tunes, depending on the skill level of attendees
  • Vocalists jams: for folks who really like to sing and pick at the same time!!

Note: Every registrant is encouraged to join in our staff-led jams and all instruments are welcome. They’re not just for banjo players!!

Additional Advice: Although our expert and fully well-meaning faculty members are there to facilitate your jamming experience, please understand that to some degree the quality of that experience is up to you. If tunes are too hard or tempos get too fast for the posted level of the jam,  if you get inadvertently skipped over when breaks are passed around, or if you’re simply not sure what your role is, please don’t hesitate to speak up!