Meal Plan for Regular Camp

Our catered meal plan for the full camp covers all meals from dinner on Thursday, March 14 through lunch on Sunday, March 17. All meals will be prepared by the outstanding Cerveny Dining Facility. There will routinely be omnivore and vegetarian options at each meal. Cerveny can also provide vegan meals, and provide meals for those with restricted or special diets. Please let us know on the registration form under “special needs” if you require a special diet. Students may opt out of the regular camp meal plan only by special request.

Meal Plan for the Weekend-Only Option

All meals from dinner on Friday evening through lunch on Sunday are provided by the Cerveny Dining Facility.

Note: the weekend-only plan does NOT include Friday lunch, but Friday lunch may be added as an option.

Friday Lunch

The weekend-only meal plan begins with Friday dinner. However, students registered for weekend-only may opt in to the catered Friday lunch provided for Full Camp participants. The cost is $13.50 per person. Just check the appropriate blank on the registration form.

Vegetarian vs. Vegan Meals

For those unsure of the distinction, entrees classed as “vegetarian” often contain eggs or dairy products such as milk or cheese. Vegan meals contain no animal products whatsoever.

An Outstanding Visual Experience, Too!!

Meals take place at the Varn Dining Hall whose glass-fronted wall allows for an unobstructed view of a beautiful White Lake; featuring abundant Spanish moss and frequent sightings of egrets, herons, and other tropical waterfowl.