About Our Program

About Our Program

Suwannee Banjo Camp is devoted to offering serious instruction in old-time and bluegrass music, all taught by outstanding musicians who are also gifted and empathetic teachers. Over the years we have come up with a cadre of instructors who fit the bill, and who go way out of their way to make sure students have every opportunity to learn in a warm, non-judgmental environment.

Suwannee Banjo Camp online runs from Saturday morning through Sunday evening. We offer ten class sessions —  five each on Saturday and Sunday — with ten class options offered per session. Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes long. There are staff concerts on both Saturday and Sunday evenings; over the course of the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to hear most (and likely all) of our staff in concert. Rounding out the program are staff-led bluegrass and old-time jams each conducted at slow and “up-to-speed” skill levels. See below for more details. The SBC Online 2021 Schedule is now also available for viewing.

About the Online Camp: How We’ll Do It

Classes will be conducted over Zoom. Whova is an app that coordinates all the classes, concerts, etc.  It allows students to view all classes taking place at a given time and select the one they wish to attend (and yes, you can change your mind midstream!). The Whova connection also allows you to access handouts and also gives you access to videos of all classes that have already taken place.

For more information on how to navigate SBC online see FAQs and Camper Tips.

About the Online Videos

Videos of all classes will be recorded in real time and posted online for students to access. So you can attend classes live but also have full access to videos of all other classes. Videos of all classes will be available for viewing until May 1, 2021 (more than six weeks after the conclusion of Camp).

Class Information

For information on all our class programs go to the Classes page and select one of the following the tabs: old-time banjo, bluegrass banjo, fiddle, guitar, or mandolin.

Full Camp vs. One-Day Options

The Full Camp option includes two full days of classes (plus the concert and jams for those days).

You can also sign up for Saturday only or Sunday only. Each single day package features five hands-on class sessions (with ten class options per session – that’s 50 classes in all!!) plus the concert and jam opportunities for that day.

Rates for Full-Camp and Single-Day Options are on the Camp Registration Information page.

Special Note for Guitar and Mandolin Students. Mandolin classes are offered only on Saturday (March 13), whereas guitar classes are offered only on Sunday (March 14).

Faculty Concerts

We have two faculty concerts at SBC online — one each on Saturday and Sunday evenings. To get the idea of what to expect, here is a selection of videos from past SBC Faculty Concerts.


Staff-led jams at different levels will be held after classes are done, but before the concerts; there will be slow and “up-to-speed” jams for both bluegrass and old-time banjo.


The complete 2021 Schedule for SBC online, listing all classes, concerts, and jams has just been posted.

This is Our 2021 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Riley Baugus, Allison deGroot, Chuck Levy, Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman and Lukas Pool
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Greg Cahill, Gina Furtado, James McKinney, Alan Munde, and Jeff Scroggins
  • Fiddle: Pete Vigour (principal instructor); classes will also be taught by Eden Pool and Ellen Vigour
  • Guitar: all classes will betaught by Jim Hurst
  • Mandolin: all classes will be taught by Mike Compton

Photos and bios of our staff are posted on the 2021 Instructors page.

Starting and Ending Times

Our program begins each morning at 10:00 AM Eastern Time. The last class each day  concludes at 5:45 PM. Then after a quick break, we’ll offer staff-led jams and a concert. The program concludes each day at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.