FAQ & Camper Tips

How Much Does Camp Cost

How Much Does Camp Cost?
● Full Camp (all classes and other activities Saturday and Sunday): $240
● Single Day – Saturday 3/13/21 (all classes and other activities): $125
● Single Day – Sunday 3/14/21 (all classes and other activities): $125

Who Are The Instructors?

Check out the 2021 Faculty Page

What You’ll Need for Camp
  • An instrument (or two)
  • All the accessories you might need: at least one set of extra strings, capos, an electronic
    tuner. Banjo players: make sure you have all the little screwdrivers and wrenches you
    need to adjust your hardware. Fiddle players, make sure you have rosin.
  • A music stand for viewing handouts
  • A stable wifi or cellular connection
  • A notebook!
Recommendations on Choosing Classes

Suwannee Banjo Camp offers over 100 classes (or sessions) over the course of our two-day
program. You are bound to have scheduling conflicts! Follow your instincts to make your
selections, but remember that videos of all classes will be available at your viewing leisure until
May 1, 2021.

Be diverse in choosing your live instructor. The beauty of going virtual is that there’s less reason
to feel intimidated! From the comfort of your own home (or virtual campus spot) you can learn
from the best instructors.

Other Kinds of Classes

This may be primarily a 5-string banjo camp, but we will also offer instruction in guitar, old time
fiddle and mandolin. Check the 2021 SBC schedule for more information.

How to Register For and Access Virtual Campus

Head on over to Regfox to register and pay for your camp
access. You will receive a confirmation email including your questionnaire answers and
payment receipt. Within about 7 business days, you will receive another confirmation email
inviting you to Virtual Campus on Whova.com.

Once you click the “Welcome to Virtual Camp” link, you’ll be prompted to “login” or “sign up”. For
those new to Whova, you’ll need your name and the email you used to register for camp to
create a Whova account. If you’re already familiar with Whova – not to worry! You can use your
already established Whova account login and the access code from the second confirmation
email. After you’ve created your Whova account, login!

On our virtual campus, you’ll find our Camp Schedule/Agenda and our list of Faculty or
“Speakers” on the left hand side of the page. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the
Whova platform so that when camp comes, you’ll know how to build your schedule, ask
questions, chat with other attendees/campers, and join our photo and caption contests.

Link to the Whova Platform

For those who have truly embraced the virtual camp experience, please click on the following

Download the Whova App Here

Have Any Further Questions or Concerns?

Let us know by sending us a message through the Whova app. Or you
can use the good old fashioned way and email us at info@suwanneebanjocamp.com .



Go Directly to FAQ on Whova