2021 Camp Registration Information

SBC Online Tuition

  • Full Camp (all classes and other activities Saturday and Sunday): $240
  • Single Day – Saturday (all classes and other activities): $125
  • Single Day – Sunday (all classes and other activities): $125

Students Under 18

If a student is under 18, we require a permissions form signed by a parent or guardian to allow their child to attend. Send a request for a youth permissions form to info@suwanneebanjocamp.com.

Parents should be aware that videos of all classes will be made available to attendees, and that images of their child may inadvertently appear in these videos  – either in what Zoom calls Speaker View or Gallery View. Parents who do not wish their children’s images to appear in these videos should make sure to keep their video feeds in off position, in which case only a blank screen will be visible.

Registration and Payment

You must register to attend Suwannee Banjo Camp. You may register online or by mail. We also ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your interests and playing background that will help us plan the coming Camp.

To register, click on the green “Register Now for SBC 2021 Online” button below. Simply fill out the registration form, complete your payment and you’re in! We accept online payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. You may register right up until the start of camp.


Register Now for SBC 2021 Online


Payment via Postal Mail

You’ll have the choice of filling out our registration form on line (and paying on line via credit card), or filling out a hard copy and paying by check.
To pay by mail, fill out the registration form online and when you get to the payment information, click where it says  “Mail In Payment.” Then send a check or money order (made out to Suwannee Banjo Camp) to this address:

Suwannee Banjo Camp
c/o Ken Perlman
307 Bellevue St., Boston, MA, 02132

If you don’t wish to fill out the online form, then print our Printable 2021 Registration Form, fill it out and mail it to us with your check or money order.

About the Registration Questions

We ask about your interests and playing background in questionnaire form as you register to help us design our program. Your responses do NOT commit you to take any particular class or pursue any particular level of instruction.

Deposits and Refunds for Cancellation

  • DEPOSITS. There is no need to reserve space far in advance for SBC 2021 because of the virtual nature of the camp. Please pay full tuition upon registration.
  • REFUNDS. There are no penalties for cancellation until 12:01 AM Eastern time on March 13, 2021. No cancellations will be accepted after that point.