On-site Accommodations


Banjo Camp students have several lodging options – guest room single occupancy, guest room double occupancy, cabin bunk, RV site, or tent camping (lodging types are described below on this page). At Cerveny Conference Center at Camp Weed, we have room for all students to stay on site and we strongly encourage all students to stay on-site. However, students may elect to stay off-site – at a private home, motel/hotel, AirB&B, or conventional B&B – and register for camp as commuters.

How to Reserve Your Lodging

You must reserve and pay for your lodging directly through our host, Cerveny Conference Center.  Here’s the best procedure. After you register for camp, to arrange for your on-site lodging contact Cerveny Conference Center directly by phone (386-364-5250), and ask for Gina (or explain that you wish to reserve lodging for Suwannee Banjo Camp). Simply ask to reserve the type of lodging you prefer.

NOTE: YOU CAN ALSO TRY USING THE LODGING RESERVATION APP ON THE CERVENY CONFERENCE CENTER WEBSITE. In the past this app has been plagued with software glitches, but there have been improvements and may be worth a try.

Lodging FAQ’s

Here are the answers to what we expect will be the “FAQ” about the current housing sign-ups arrangement.

  • Prices for Lodging. To obtain prices for the different types of lodging available at Cerveny, click here; lodging price information is repeated on the Registration Information page
  • Refunds for lodging. Housing reservations are fully refundable from Cerveny Conference Center up to 72-hours prior to the start of Camp.
  • Deposits for lodging. You may reserve a lodging unit at Camp with a deposit of 25%; it is also fully refundable until 72 hours prior to the start of Camp.
  • Roommates. The Cerveny payment platform allows you to specify a guest-room roommate, or ask to be assigned a double occupancy roommate.
  • Handicap-Accessible. You will have an opportunity to indicate special needs.

Note: Cerveny Conference Center has not always been quick to get back to people re housing inquiries. If they don’t return your call within 24 hours, contact SBC directly.

Reserve Guest Rooms and RV Spots early

Lodging reservations are assigned on a first come, first served basis. There are only a limited number of guest rooms and RV sites and experience tells us they will probably go fast. If you want to assure yourself of a guest room or RV hookup reservation, please sign up early!!

Guest Rooms

We have a limited number of motel-level residence rooms – called Guest Rooms – right on site. The guest rooms are very comfortable with double beds, “en suite” bathrooms and individual climate control. They are all a very short walk from most of our classrooms and the dining hall. They are close to the center of the action, but still well out of earshot of late night jammers. Students may sign up for either single or double occupancy. If you sign up with Cerveny Conference Center for double occupancy, you may either suggest a roommate or ask them to assign you one. Cerveny has six handicap accessible guest rooms. Please specify upon registration if you require a handicap accessible room.

Also Important. Please do NOT reserve a guest room unless you have already registered for Camp, or intend to do so within the next day or two.

Guest Room Waiting List

When guest rooms fill up, there will be a waiting list for guest-room accommodations. To get on the guest-room waiting list contact Cerveny Conference Center directly by phone (386-364-5250), and ask for Gina (or explain that you wish to get on the waiting list for guest-room accommodations at Suwannee Banjo Camp). While you’re waiting, we recommend that you reserve a space in our cabins or tenting/RV site; or reserve lodging in a local hotel or BnB.

** Note: we usually have a special arrangement with Holiday Inn Express in Live Oak. **

Lodging Arrangement for Spouse/Companions

Make sure to list both student and spouse/companion with the Conference Center when you sign up for lodging on site. Here are some parameters.

  • Guest Rooms: One person pays for the room; the other is listed as an occupant at no additional charge.
  • Tents and RV’s: One person pays; the other is listed as an occupant at no additional charge.
  • Cabin beds. Spouse/companions who stay in the cabins must register for lodging separately and pay the full cabin price
  • Spouse/companions may not sign up for separate, single-occupancy Guest Rooms

Note: we may need to limit the number of spouses and companions. If we begin to run out of space for additional registrants at Camp, we reserve the right to prioritize the admission of regular students.


We have plenty of beds in relatively modern cabins that have electricity, heat, air conditioning, and indoor plumbing. Each cabin has a maximum occupancy of nine students but usually cabin occupancy is lower than that (note: we assign lower bunks only). All cabins are handicap accessible. Each cabin has 3 showers, 3 toilets and a 2 sink vanity. The cabins are located in scenic wooded areas. Cabin residents will need to walk a few minutes through the woods or along a road to get to the dining hall. A few classrooms are close by, but most of them are near the dining hall and require a few minutes of walking.

Note: Areas within each cabin are separated by built in cabinets, so that there is some privacy.  Please also keep in mind that if you participate fully in our program, you won’t be in your rooms very much (aside from sleeping)!

Note: We will have designated all male, all female, and couples’ cabins. 

Note: Guests staying in the cabins must bring their own twin-size sheets, linens, towels and toiletries.

RV Hookups & Tent Camping

We have a limited number of RV hookups available plus plenty of space for tent-camping. There is a conveniently located bath house with male and female sections that is available to both RV and tent residents. Note that it is a good 10-15 minute walk from the RV and tent site to the dining hall and main classroom area. Those staying in the RV/tenting site might consider bringing along a bicycle or planning to negotiate this short commute via your car.

Note: The RV and tenting area has picnic tables and other amenities; some great jam sessions have sprung up there in the evenings.

Complete Non-Participants

If your spouse/companion plans to simply stay in an on-site lodging space, RV, or tent through the weekend without signing up for meals, attending concerts or having any other contact with the camp, they do NOT need to register for camp; nor do they need to pay a facilities use fee. However, we do ask that you supply us with their names and emergency contact information.

Lodging Prices

Note that “Full-Camp” refers to three nights’ lodging (Thursday thru Saturday) and “Weekend-Only” refers to two nights’ lodging (Friday and Saturday). Full descriptions of each kind of lodging appears above.

Here are the latest lodging prices, including 10% Florida Housing Tax:

  • Guest Room, Single Occupancy (motel-level accommodations). Full Camp: $270; Weekend-Only: $180
  • Guest Room, Double Occupancy (motel-level accommodations).  Full Camp: $135; Weekend-Only: $90
  • Cabin Residency (bunk beds but with indoor plumbing, a/c and heat). Full Camp: $75; Weekend-Only: $50
  • RV Residency with Hookup. Full Camp: $57*; Weekend-Only: $86*
  • Tent Camping Residency. Full Camp: $30*; Weekend-Only: $20*

* Note:  RV charges are per vehicle; tent camping charges are per tent. If there are multiple residents in the RV or tent, only one resident pays the RV or tent rate; all additional residents simply  simply pay the tuition and meals rate*

Camper Tips

For advice on finding the site, climate-appropriate dress, bedding, what to bring, etc. check out our Camper Tips! Please be sure to read this advice prior to coming to camp!

Off-site Accommodations

Special Arrangement with Holiday Inn Express in Live Oak

We usually reserve a block of rooms at a discounted rate for SBC students at the Holiday Inn in Live Oak (the number there is 386 362-2600). Once our guest rooms are full, students who prefer motel-level accommodations may elect to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn. The rooms are very nice and have all recently been renovated. They have a pool and also offer free breakfast. Students who stay at the Holiday Inn register at the commuter rate. If you elect to eat breakfast at the Inn, and let us know by Feb. 28, 2024, we will refund that portion of tuition that covers breakfasts. Breakfast refunds will be made at check-in and amount to roughly $10 per meal.

**How to claim your discount: Make sure to call the local number (386 362-2600) and NOT the national reservation number. They may ask for a code, which we will post here.**

Other Hotels and AirBnB

There are three sizable motels right in Live Oak, Florida, in addition to the Holiday Inn Express. In addition, quite a number of motels, etc. are to be found in and around Lake City, Florida, less than half an hour away. And don’t forget AirBnB; a quick check showed that there are quite a number of airbnb purveyors within easy range of our site.

Note: Because there are sometimes large regional events in March that draw crowds (such as stock car races), be sure to make your motel reservations early.

Other Motels in Live Oak, Florida

  • EconoLodge: 386-362-7459
  • Sunshine Inn 386-362-7828
  • Best Western Suwannee River Inn 386-362-6000