~ About Our Next Banjo Camp ~

Dates for Next Camp:

MARCH 14-17, 2024



General Camp Info

FAQ & Camper Tips

FAQ & Camper Tips

Tips on the Program

Recommendations on Choosing Classes

It’s very likely that sometimes you’ll look at our schedule and wish you could be three places at once. This is quite normal, and not grounds for alarm. In fact, our director feels he wouldn’t be properly doing his job as programmer if you didn’t want to be three places at once! The first time this happens to you, just follow your instincts and make your selection (you can’t go wrong, all the choices are good!). The next time you feel torn, try to select a class offered by a different teacher, the time after that by a third teacher, and so on.

Be diverse!

Try to sample at least one class by each of the instructors in your genre over the course of the weekend. Don’t feel intimidated about attending a class offered by an instructor who is well known or whose playing is complex. After all, if he or she can do the complex stuff, he or she can probably explain the simple stuff, too (and all our teachers are great explainers, or they wouldn’t be here!)

Check out the 2024 Instructors page.

Hands-on! vs. Demos

Most of our classes are “hands-on,” meaning that teachers have a set of skills or a tune or two in mind to impart, and that students should have their banjos in hand during class. On the other end of the spectrum are the few sessions labeled “demo.” Demos are presentations or mini-performances combined with explication and Q & A sessions (students will probably not have banjos in hand for demo classes).

Other Kinds of Classes

This may be primarily a 5-string banjo camp, but we do also offer full-time instruction in guitar and old-time fiddle.

Recording Devices

Many of our instructors teach by ear, so we strongly recommend that you bring recording devices so you can listen at home to the tunes and techniques you learned at Camp. Nowadays most mobile phones have inbuilt recording devices that are surprisingly good; otherwise there are quite a number of excellent inexpensive options on the market.

Supplies to Have Around
  • Your mobile phone charger!!
  • A music stand, or some way of supporting handouts (with some kind of clip to hold paper fast when the wind is blowing).
  • Electronic tuners
  • Spare supplies for your instrument(s), such as extra strings, capos, fingerpicks and flatpicks, rosin, etc.
Artists’ CDs and Instructional Matierials

No doubt you’ll want to take home lots of CDs, books and videos by your favorite banjoists. We’ll have an artists’ sales booth, run by volunteers, to help you fulfill this aim. In the past we have only taken payments by cash or check, but for 2024 we expect to have a system in place to either take credit cards directly or via PayPal. To make things easier for our volunteers, please bring along at least several personal checks or a reserve of cash. Thanks in advance for your cooperation on this!


When You Arrive on Site

As you continue on 75th Rd off US 90, you’ll reach the gates to Cerveny Conference Center. Just head down the main road; you’ll pass the RV and tenting complex on your left and eventually reach the Cenference Center itself (flags and a big parking area). Come through the main entrance into the courtyard and look for our check-in table at the Dining Hall. We’ll give you your room assignments, schedules, etc.

March weather in North Florida can be extremely variable. Daytime highs can be anywhere from low 60s into the 80s, while night-time lows can vary from the 40s to the 60s. Mornings can be chilly, but temperatures can warm up dramatically by early afternoon. Our best advice is to dress in layers. In addition, it might not be a bad idea to bring an umbrella or rain gear, just in case!


Covid Protocol (to be updated according to CDC advisories)
  • We strongly recommend that all attendees be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and continue to get annual boosters as recommended by the CDC and medical community.
  • We will also follow common sense precautions re Covid testing, masking, and social distancing.
  • We reserve the right to ask all attendees to take a home Covid test before setting off for Camp (anyone who tests positive should of course stay home)
Sleeping Arrangements
Those staying in the cabins need to bring their own sleeping bags (or bedding) including pillows. They also need to bring toiletries and towels. You won’t have to worry about the temperature too much since the cabins have climate control.
Other Things To Bring
Towels, soap, shampoo and whatever else you need for personal hygiene. Bring an alarm clock, too!
Those staying in the cabins and at the RV/tenting site, should probably bring flashlights AND extra batteries!
We haven’t had too much of a problem at SBC with mosquitoes, but you might as well bring repellent just in case. Plus at this time of year it is always prudent to be on the lookout for ticks. This means that when showering, you should routinely check for unwanted “passengers.”

Camp Info

Camp Location Information

Cerveny Conference CenterMap

Suwannee Banjo Camp takes place at the Cerveny Conference Center at Camp Weed located in Live Oak, Florida.

Camp Weed was established in the 1920s as an Episcopalian retreat and extends for hundreds of acres. There are wooded areas, trails and athletic fields; plus gym, pool, a chapel, and beautiful White Lake. The Cerveny Center is of more modern vintage and includes a wide variety of meeting rooms, a modern glass fronted dining hall, and a lovely courtyard facing the Lake. The courtyard is ideal for jamming through the day and into the evening, or simply hanging out and watching the egrets, blue herons, and other water fowl take off and land. This is a truly superior facility that is an ideal setting for a music camp.

Air Travel

Live Oak is in northern Florida, at roughly the midpoint between Jacksonville and Tallahassee; it’s also reasonably close to Gainesville. The nearest airports are Tallahassee and Jacksonville. (It’s a little under one and a half hours to our site from either Jacksonville or Tallahassee, and about an hour and a quarter to our site from Gainesville). You could also fly into Gainesville or Valdosta, Georgia. You are most likely to find the best deals and availability via Jacksonville, but it could certainly pay to investigate other options.

Road Travel

Live Oak is in North-Central Florida, not far to the west of the intersection of I-75 and I-10. That’s about a 4.5 hour drive south of Atlanta, and a 3.5 hour drive north of Orlando.

  • From the North and East. Take I-10 west to Ex. 292 and head South towards Wellborn. Get on US-90/FL-10 and head west. At the town of Houston, make a left onto 75th Rd.
  • From the South. Take I-75 north to Exit 427. Get on US-90/FL-10 and head west. At the town of Houston, make a left onto 75th Rd
  • From the West. Take I-10 east to Ex. 283 and head towards Live Oak. Get on US-90/FL-10 and head east. At the town of Houston, make a right onto 75th Rd.

Camp History

A Brief History of Suwannee Banjo Camp

orientationIn 2002, Folklorist Jon Kay came up with the idea of starting up an old-time banjo camp at Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida and brought in Mark Johnson to help; Mark then suggested bringing in Ken Perlman to design the event. The inaugural run of SBC was held in the Fall of 2003, with about 40 students attending and a staff of about 6. Jon moved to Indiana after the first camp and the new admin at Foster soon lost interest in the event. In 2006, SBC moved to O’Leno State Park in High Springs, FL, with Ken as its lone director.

Chuck Levy joined Ken as Co-Director after the 2006 Camp and remained in that role through the 2015 Camp; Ken has served as sole director since then. SBC began adding bluegrass banjo to the program in 2007 (Bill Keith was our lone 3-finger instructor that year) and gradually expanded the bluegrass banjo program to where it was equal in size to our old-time banjo program; we then added a full-time fiddle track in 2011 and a full-time guitar track in 2014.

SBC moved from O’Leno to its current location at the Cerveny Conference Center in Live Oak, Florida in 2014. Due to the Pandemic, SBC ran online-only for the 2021 and 2022 seasons. We are now back at Cerveny, and very happy to be running once again as an in-person event.

Many thanks to all the founders and former directors of SBC!


Camp Archives



2023 SBC Attendees

2023 Schedule

2023 Faculty

  • Old-time banjo. Riley Baugus, Hilarie Burhans, John Herrmann, Michael Miles, Ken Perlman, and Maggie Shar
  • Bluegrass banjo. Scott Anderson, BB Bowness, Greg Cahill, Ryan Cavanaugh, James McKinney, and Alan Munde
  • Fiddle. Pete Vigour
  • Guitar Jim Hurst


Online Camp

2022 Schedule

2022 Faculty

  • Old-time banjo.  Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, Terri McMurray, Michael Miles, Ken Perlman & Maggie Shar
  • Bluegrass banjo. Scott Anderson, Greg Cahill, Janet Davis, Gabe Hirshfeld, James McKinney, & Alan Munde
  • Fiddle. Pete Vigour
  • Guitar. Jim Hurst
  • Mandolin. Mike Compton


Online Camp

2021 Schedule

2021 Faculty

  • Old-time banjo. Riley Baugus, Allison deGroot, John Herrmann, Chuck Levy, Joe Newberry, and Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass banjo. Scott Anderson, Greg Cahill, James McKinney, Alan Munde, Kristin Scott-Benson, Jeff Scroggins, and Grace van’t Hof
  • Fiddle. Pete Vigour
  • Guitar. Jim Hurst



No group picture was taken due to Covid-19 concerns

2020 Schedule

2019 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Paul Brown*, John Herrmann, Terri McMurray†, Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman. Lukas Pool
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Casey Henry, Bill Evans‡, Alan Munde, Ned Luberecki, Jeff Scroggins
  • Camp Fiddler: Pete Vigour
  • Camp Guitarist: Jim Hurst

* replaced just before Camp by Riley Baugus
† replaced just before Camp by Chuck Levy
‡ replaced just before Camp by James McKinney

2019 SBC Attendees


2019 Schedule

2019 Flyer

2019 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, Terri McMurray, Michael Miles, Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Brian Cavanaugh, Casey Henry, Bill Evans, James McKinney, Alan Munde
  • Camp Fiddler: Pete Vigour
  • Camp Guitarist: Jim Hurst

2018 SBC Attendees


2018 Schedule

2018 Flyer

2018 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Riley Baugus, Paul Brown, Cathy Fink, Adam Hurt, Chuck Levy, Terri McMurray, Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Greg Cahill, Gina Clowes, Wes Corbett, Bill Evans, Alan Munde
  • Camp Fiddler: Bobby Taylor
  • Camp Guitarist: Tim May

2017 SBC Attendees


2017 Schedule

2017 Flyer

2017 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Riley Baugus; Paul Brown, Brad Leftwich, Chuck Levy, Terri McMurray, Michael Miles, Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Greg Cahill, Wes Corbett, Janet Davis, James McKinney, Alan Munde
  • Camp Fiddler: Bobby Taylor, Alan Jabbour
  • Camp Guitarist: Tim May

2016 SBC Attendees


2016 Schedule

2016 Extra Day Schedule

2016 Flyer

2016 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Cathy Barton Para, Mac Benford, Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, Brad Leftwich, Chuck Levy & Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Janet Beazley, Ned Luberecki, James McKinney, Alan Munde & Tony Trischka
  • Camp Fiddler: Bobby Taylor
  • Camp Guitarist: Stephen Mougin

2015 SBC Attendees


2015 Schedule

2015 Extra Day Schedule

2015 Flyer

2015 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Greg C. Adams, Bob Carlin, Cathy Fink, Adam Hurt, Mark Johnson, Walt Koken, Chuck Levy, Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Janet Beazley, Gerald Jones, Alan Munde, Alan O’Bryant & Pete Wernick
  • Camp Fiddler: Clare Milliner
  • Camp Guitarist: Danny Smith


2014 SBC Attendees


2014 Schedule

2014 Extra Day Schedule

2014 Flyer

2014 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Greg C. Adams, Bob Carlin, Cathy Fink, Adam Hurt, Mark Johnson, Walt Koken, Chuck Levy, Ken Perlman
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Janet Beazley, Gerald Jones, Alan Munde, Alan O’Bryant & Pete Wernick
  • Camp Fiddler: Clare Milliner / Camp Guitarist: Danny Smith


2013 SBC Attendees


2013 Schedule

2013 Extra Day Schedule

2013 Flyer

2013 Faculty Concert Videos

Student Comments About Suwannee Banjo Camp 2013

  • The best weekend of my entire life. I will be coming to this camp every year as long as it is around. A world class staff and I walked away a new man with new friends. Thanks everyone!!! (Logan Greene: Melbourne, FL)
  • High Point of the year for me (Lawrence Barker: Tucker, GA)
  • Thank you for an outstanding banjo experience. There is nothing you can do to improve, please keep doing this and providing the best possible teachers, great people and an all around spectacular event. There is no way we can tell you the inspiration and fun you provided. Bless you and keep on picking (Muriel & John Elliott: Leesburg, FL)
  • Incredibly good. Thank you for another job extremely well done. Even if you change nothing this will still remain the best entertainment money can buy – by a very large margin (Josh Turknett: Roswell, GA)
  • So much fun! Learned a lot. The teachers are awesome; comradery is amazing. I love the Banjo Camp; it’s just what I needed (Janet Rucker: Gainesville, FL)
  • Great; best camp I have been to! This was soooo much better…………. (Jim Griffin: Lexington, SC)
  • It’s incredible how via facebook, emails, etc… the connections I made over the weekend just keep expanding and filling my life with joy and music.The instructors were incredible. The jams were great. I was/am truly inspired thanks to Suwanee Banjo Camp. (Debbie Daniels: So. Pasadena, FL)
  • A totally wonderful experience. I like the spirit of encouragement by all instructors for people of every level. The camp was especially helpful to me. I have been playing banjo for many years without formal lessons. These classes will help me improve using better techniques. (Sam Lamback: Macon, GA)
  • Just like last year, I was blown away by Suwannee Banjo Camp. I thought this year was even better than last, but I think a good deal of that had to do with me knowing what I was getting into and having one more year of banjo playing under my belt. I love the seemingly universal, well balanced outlook that what we are doing – playing the banjo – is important and valid and HARD while also being fun and silly and just a gift. As I did last year, I left feeling very humbled but also incredibly encouraged and inspired by the endless possibilities for me and the banjo and playing music with people. What this becomes for me is a spiritual and therapeutic retreat that is high up there on my list of favorite moments of my life. Oh yeah, there are also two banjo star-studded intimate concerts thrown in. Wow! (Kippy Tift: Valdosta, GA)
  • I love the whole experience, but I came to learn and learn I did. Thank you for having this camp! It’s a great experience and brings me much joy. (Tom Tomasi: Englewood, FL )
  • Every year I learn more in a weekend at Suwannee than I ever did at a week-long camp. Your attention to detail is very much appreciated! (Alice Ferland: Ellijay, GA)
  • The camp was fantastic. I expect to work on the material for quite a long time. The faculty concerts were exceptional. (Jeff Rubinstein: Tampa, FL)
  • AAA+ All the instructors were just great. I love ‘em all. The overall atmosphere helps me learn while having fun doing it. (John Flynn: Tallahassee, FL)
  • Absolutely fantastic! The instructors were phenomenal; each brings his/her styel and personality into instruction and technique. Every teacher I had was approachable and would answer any question I had (Megan Sayler: Pewee Valley, KY)
  • This is my 7th or 8th year here and it is always a wonderful experience. Even though it is humbling to see how much I don’t know, I know that I improve every year after attending. More important, playing with a variety of folks at different skill levels increases my confidence and encourages trying new things. (Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville, FL)
  • Awesome. You hall have inspired me to learn to play an instrument. Was a non-playing chaperone this year; will come back as a student next year. (Doris Hunter: Conyers, GA)
  • I had a great time & am Extremely inspired. “I’ve been bit by the banjo bug!” (Darlene Muto: Jacksonville, FL)
  • I was looking for some help in learning intermediate Bluegrass techniques and how to incorporate the basic bluegrass rolls and licks into songs. I found it!! (Richard Newsome: Williamsburg, VA)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every class; the instructgors were incredible. (Juniper DiGiovanni: Gainesville, FL)
  • Excellent variety of courses; high quality teachers, accessible teachers (Sue Kinne: Woodsville, NH)
  • Such an easy-going interactive experience with hugely talented instructors (Kip Francis: Hoboken, NJ)
  • Small Classes with outstanding instructors; wanted to be in 3+ places at once (Steve Crockett: Clearwater, FL )
  • Superb!! What I liked best was: The quality & devotion of the instructors. Gerald Jones went way beyond just teaching. The energy he spent at jams was inspiring. (Martha Carlton: Arcadia, FL)
  • SBC is very organized and run by people who love what they do. I wasn’t discriminated against because I was a newbie. I was very impressed with how well everything went and how on time everything was. There’s nothing worse than going to something like this and everything runs behind and you end up missing things . People are so nice! (Andi Davis: York, PA)
  • Wonderful! What I liked best was: the mixture of instruments and high quality of instructors (Dana Newsome: Williamsburg, VA)
  • Well organized, friendly, and easy to navigate (Marg Chauvin: Lantana, FL )
  • Love it! Hope to make it back next year! (Barbara Bryan: New York, NY)
  • Outstanding! The classes were varied and plentiful, teachers effective and personable (Cheryl Malinowski: Jacksonville, FL)
  • Great time! Wonderful people. Learned a lot. (Ariadne Blayde: New Orleans, LA)
  • This as a very special weekend. The quality of teaching was amazing. Great teaching methods. I will see you next year. (Valerie Diaz Leroy: St. Petersburg, FL)
  • The bluegrass instructors were remarkable, knowledgeable, funnmy, eager to answer questions, and approachable. (Nat West: Winter Haven, FL)
  • Banjo Euphoria; I loved the range of music styles and welcoming people. (Queene Foster: Piermont, NY)
  • I went to the Stone Mountain Bluegrass Festival yesterday and was telling everyone about how great the camp was. I also did some jamming. (Gary Roques: Locust Grove, GA )
  • Beyond my Expectations. Great instructors, comfortable and friendly (Alan Sleeper: St. Michaels, MD)
  • Great as Always! (Toni Armstrong: Riviera Beach, FL)
  • This was my fourth year. This was the best camp yet (Wayne Arrington: Leslie, GA)
  • Awesome, overwhelming, amazing talent! (Pam Monfore: Yankton, SD)
  • What a fantastic weekend. I wanted to thank you both for that extraordinary experience, for your generosity of spirit, and for all the banjo knowledge and insight, which I will be assimilating for a long time. I wanted to send up this flare to say this “thank you” for one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. (Tom Piazza: New Orleans, LA)
  • I cannot express myself on how well you and Chuck presented, preformed, augmented, coordinated, made — due, and pieced together the recently concluded Suwannee Banjo Camp. In simple laymen terms, it was like being in Banjo Heaven for three days. Really, it could not have been any better — by anyone with a sane mind — putting together not only quality teachers/performers, in a wonderful environment, having real sincere professionals wanting to mix in and Jam with the students and really show heartfelt concern for the individual, in LEARNING. (John Hangen: Melbourne, FL )
  • Thanks for the great job and the good time my wife and I had. I had never been to a banjo camp and am already looking forward to next year. (Bobby Houston: Brandon, MS)
  • Thank you for all your hard work and a fabulous weekend! I learned more than I can absorb by next year and nearly had too much fun! (Marguerite Longoria: Tampa, FL )
  • A wonderful weekend. This was the first camp I attended and I plan to be there next year. I was very impressed with all the different class offerings and the quality of the teachers. (Liesbeth Wolbers: Sarasota, FL)


2012 SBC Attendees


2012 Schedule

2012 Extra Day Schedule

2012 Flyer


Student Comments About Suwannee Banjo Camp, 2012

General Comments

  • I loved every second. I’m inspired. Cecilia Ray: Bethesda, MD
  • It was my first banjo camp, and I absolutely loved it. I just had to write to you how much I enjoyed the classes, the atmosphere and everything that came with it. When the weekend of the camp approached I got more and more nervous, not knowing what to expect. But it was fabulous, the teachers were fantastic and your organizing of this all far beyond my expectations. From now on my life will be divided in ‘before I went to my first banjo camp’ and ‘after I went to my first banjo camp’. See you in 2013, come hell or high water! Mildred Denney: Hudson, FL
  • More wonderful than ever. Lew Hendrix: Makanda, IL
  • High Point of my year! Lawrence Barker: Tucker, GA
  • I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the camp. Juniper Di Giovanni: Gainesville, FL
  • Everyone was Soooo Nice and helpful – all the musicians I met. Loved the setting: dogwoods, serenades of birds… Lola Mynko: Lighthouse Point, FL
  • This was my third year in a row and I’ll be back again. I had a great time at SBC! The weather was perfect at a perfect place to gather for a great learning opportunity Thank you for organizing this great experience. Wayne Arrington: Leslie, GA
  • As usual, the camp was phenomenal. In fact, I find it impossible to articulate just how special an experience the whole thing is. And I’ve felt that way every year. The breadth of what you guys offer is unreal. I’ve been to banjo camp four times thus far, and have been able to create a completely unique learning experience for myself every time. My only criticism is that the camp is way too short. It always ends far sooner than I want it to, and there are always things I wish I could’ve done. So please figure out how to make the camp six weeks longer and simultaneously freeze all my work and family obligations. 358 days and counting! Josh Turknett: Rosewell, GA
  • This was my second year at your Banjo Camp. If it is within my power, I will be there next year and subsequent years. I enjoy the camp so much. Just to get away from the everyday world and spend a few days immersed in banjos, is so satisfying. I learn so much and meet so many nice people. I come home sorry that the camp is over and I have to wait another year, but totally motivated. Thanks for all your hard work. I will see you next year. Jim Kornmeyer: Orlando, FL
  • Everyone is friendly and courteous; instructors are genuinely helpful. The camp is always an inspirational experience. Every year I think that I am not going to get anything out of it but I always do. Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville, FL
  • Wonderful! I loved being around so many accomplished banjo players; how friendly and encouraging and accessible the instructors were; how incredibly inspired, humbled, awed it made me; also loved the setting. Kippy Tift: Valdosta, GA
  • Super-fantastic!!!. Great faculty, lots of accesss. I liked the combination of bluegrass and old-time history. Jim Bolling: Jacksonville, FL
  • Good integration of bluegrass, old-time and fiddle etc. Very diverse. JP Lavalle: San Jose, CA
  • [I liked] the affability of everyone, the knowledge and ability of instructors. Inspirational! Jeff Shrivers: Venice, FL
  • Thank you so much for creating this event. Amazing venue and real people sharing their love for music! Pam Monfore: Maple Grove, MN
  • A strong sense of community and cooperation. Jim Wee: New Orleans: LA
  • Gives me direction for my work; catches bad habits before they are ingrained. As in my first year, I came away both humbled and inspired. I’ll definitely be back. Chuck Wells: Sanibel, FL
  • I went to the first class just to see what it is like to play minstrel banjo – and I was hooked!! Jim Miller: Savannah, GA
  • [Gives you] the chance to learn with the best instructors in the business. Louis Kapp: Valrico, FL
  • Wonderful experience, quite intensive! John Drew: Whiteford, MD
  • Very helpful, informative and extremely enjoyable. Bob Hopkins: Titusville, FL
  • Love it, don’t stop! Linda Pottberg: Ocala, FL
  • This is my second year and it was great in every aspect. Gene Braddock: Rock Hill, FL
  • Outstanding, above all expectations. Bill Canna: The Villages, FL
  • Great organization/administrative attention to detail. Thanks! Alice Ferland: Ellijay, GA
  • Absolutely fantastric; the staff/instructors were the best. The weekend has made a big difference in my playing and my life. Marie Cashion: Oviedo, FL
  • I just want to thank all the instructors, staff and volunteers for providing a great banjo camp and experience for my wife and myself. We hated to leave, and are already looking forward to attending again next year. Vincent Hunter: Conyers, GA
  • The instructors were great, with each one seeming to stand out at different times, and all being knowledgeable and helpful. As a result, I learned a lot and definitely got what I was looking for. The camp exceeded my expectations and I want to thank all involved in the camp that made it such a great experience. Larry Herstam: Stephens City, VA
  • I didn’t have any classes at all that were not interesting and useful in some way. I went to some old-time and to three bluegrass classes. I played dobro with the intermediate bluegrass jam groups. This is my way of saying that I had a great time this year — as I have in past years. I hope to be back next year. Most years there are surprises for me. Last year the big surprise for me was James McKinney, of whom I had never heard. He is an absolute wild banjo wizard. The surprise for me this year was Gerald Jones, of whom I had never heard. Even though I sort of crashed his class as an old-time banjo picker, he welcomed me and made me feel that my style is valuable. He was equally welcoming in the bluegrass jams where I played dobro. . Even if I don’t get what I’m supposed to out of the camp, I do get something useful and perhaps wonderful. Lew Hendrix: Makanda, IL
  • In summary, this was fantastic. The instructors are so encouraging and helpful that I will be back next year. Your attention to detail makes it look easy and is much appreciated. Brian Berke: Jupiter, FL


2011 SBC Attendees


2011 Schedule

2011 Extra Day Schedule

Student Comments About Suwannee Banjo Camp 2011

General Comments

  • Many, many thanks for providing such a great experience. I enjoyed every minute and came back exhilirated and totally motivated. Even if some of this fades, I will still be better off than I was before. I hope to attend every year in the future: Jim Kornmeyer (Orlando, FL)
  • In general, this was the best camp I’ve been to—and I’ve attended all of them. First, let me say thanks for staging the whole thing and carrying it off. An amazing feat: John Flynn (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Hey guys, thanks for a great experience. As a first timer and a novice player I just had a wonderful weekend. I could not have ask for a better staff of teachers. They were as friendly and helpful as they could be. The Good Lord willing I will be there next year and I will be a better player because of what I learned this year: Gene Braddock (Altamonte Springs, FL)
  • My expectations were exceeded for my first banjo camp. The access to the instructors was incredible. The time length of each class was correct — a lesson was covered and there was plenty of time for questions, stories and insight from the instructor. The exposure to new styles of banjo (for me it was clawhammer) and the historical knowledge base (of the instrument, the songs, and the culture) by the instructors is an added bonus that is hard to put a value on. The Park provides a great atmosphere for learning; keeping distractions to a minimum. The concerts on Friday and Saturday are outstanding. It is so rare for my area to connect to that type of music and performance. Great stuff!: Twain Piggott (Port Allen, LA)
  • I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what a great experience I had a banjo camp this weekend. Having Alan Munde there as an instructor was for me the highlight of the weekend. He teaching style and simple way of explaining things were appreciated by all of us who took his classes. I hope that you are able to have him return. This was my second camp and I plan to return. The weather was perfect, the food was much better, thank you, and I made new banjo friends: Wayne Arrington (Leslie, GA)
  • I achieved what I wanted. I’ve got a plan how to grow and have been introduced to what is possible. The concerts were worth the price of admission alone: Chuck Wells (Mission Hills, KS)
  • Overall, I had a great time and learned a great deal. I would recommend Suwannee to any banjo player. Greg Adams is a treasure. I was extremely impressed with the teaching skills of Cathy Barton Para, Mac Benford, and Paul Brown. I would consider Paul Brown’s Introduction to Fingerpicking the best class I attended: Lawrence Barker: (Atlanta, GA)
  • I just wanted to emphasize that I had a wonderful time at this year’s Suwannee Banjo Camp. Certainly the weather was cooperating, but your careful and excellent planning was the reason. So, that is a complement to you both. I did add a special comment on an evaluation form about Alan Munde, because he has a great way of teaching and explaining and breaking things down in an understandable manner, however, the other instructors were also wonderful. I have only praise for the entire experience: Merna Feygelman (Wesley Chapel, FL)
  • It was so cool to hang with some of the greats in Bluegrass music, thanks for your efforts: Michael Banes (Ocean Springs, MS)
  • The camp was a great success. For the most part the classes were great. All three jams were a lot of fun. There was plenty of good food served on time. Ivan the site coordinator seemed to have done an excellent From a logistical standpoint, nothing needs fixing; carry on: Jay O’Leary (Gainesville, FL)
  • Great camp, great people. Hope to be back next year! Eddie Shirley (Greenville, SC)
  • Enjoyed this camp even more than last year, which I did not think was possible. Looking forward to next year. Have the dates on my calendar.: Todd Goodwill (Winter Haven FL)
  • What a terrific time!: Jacque Rasmussen (Miltona, MN)
  • I took the bluegrass track and all the instructors were terriffic: Brian Berke (Jupiter, FL)
  • I should have added how much I enjoyed the bluegrass classes this year and the instructors. I came away with lots to work on. Also, I never had been around or had an appreciation for Old Time until camp three years ago. I now really do appreciate both the music and history. Food was great. A really good experience. Thanks for the “Close Encounter of the Banjo Kind!”: Rod Casey (Valdosta, GA)
  • I had a blast and am very encouraged in my banjo playing: Jason Borger (Tallahassee, FL)
  • My first time here: a great event. Thanks to the whole staff: George Sengtock (St. Marys, GA)
  • Thanks again to the both of you for making this such an outstanding experience. I just hate that I have to wait another year…: Josh Turknett (Roswell, GA)
  • Had a great time, rubbing elbows with other banjo enthusiasts: Dan Doyle (Wawatosa, WI)
  • I Had fun the entire time. Thanx!: Marc Smith (Huntsville, AL)
  • Wonderful: Classes move well are friendly and informative, fellow students are gracious: Betty Chamlee Miller (Savannah, GA)
  • Very well organized and managed, and a nice mix of instructors and styles: Patrick Plumlee (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Since this year was my first for banjo camp, and not being a banjo player myself, I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed myself and have plans to return. The fiddle track was fine, I had fun in Bill Payne’s guitar workshop and just had a great time in general. I promise to tell all my friends that you don’t have to play the banjo to enjoy banjo camp: Carol Taktikian (Apopka, FL)
  • I loved it. The patience shown by teachers and students with less developed students. I must have died and went to heaven: Billy Hall (Riverview, FL)
  • Very enriching and enjoyable – everyone was friendly and infomrative, and the surrounds ideal: Marguerite Longeria (Tampa, FL)
  • As a first time attendee I cannot tell you how much the camp helped. It provided only an increase awareness of all the facets of the music associated with the banjo it provided specific in depth techniques that have helped immensely. Joe Carter (Apopka, FL)
  • Fantastic! Access to extremely knowledgeable instructors and musicians: (Melissa McCormick (Naples, FL)
  • A simply wonderful experience. I hope to return next year: Jim Kornmeyer (Orlando, FL)

What They Liked Best About Suwannee Banjo Camp

  • The teachers: Paul Brown left me with a new way of looking at music that will be with me for the rest of my life: Cathy Pittman (Ellijay, GA)
  • People, music lesson, jams, dogwoods blooming, good weather, good food: Howard Pardue (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Diversity of styles of play, fantastic teacher/players, wonderful friendly atmosphere: Jim Wee (New Orleans, LA)
  • How giving [as] people were the staff, instructors and participants: Rommell Washington (New York, NY)
  • Relaxed atmosphere, O’Leno is the perfect venue, the patience of the instructors, access to any class, the interaction with other campers: Wayne Arrington (Leslie, GA)
  • Exposure to so many different playing sytyles and meeting my banjo heroes: John Catches: (High Springs, FL)
  • Variety of teachers with unique styles / techniques. I had a great time!: Cissy Kinney (Hamer, SC)
  • It refreshes / increases the passion to play. The interaction with excellent players, both instructors and attendees: Joe Carter (Apopka, FL)
  • Openness and accessibility of faculty: Josh Turknett (Roswell, GA)


2010 SBC Attendees


2010 Schedule


2010 FLYER


Student Comments About Suwannee Banjo Camp 2010

General Comments

  • “I’m like a kid at Disney World. I honestly loved it all. The instructors are FANTASTIC!!” – Melissa McCormick
  • “I hope you don’t change a thing! Beautifully orchestrated, incredible instructors, great jam sessions for all levels.” – Irene LaFortune
  • “This was my 3rd time at the camp, and I brought my (non-participating) wife this time. I talked her into it and to make a long story short, she had a very wonderful time; it was probably the best trip we have taken together. ” Tony Glaum
  • “The event this weekend was very eye opening. The banjo was explained to me in a way I have never heard before. I will definitely reccomend the banjo camp to others that I come across. Thanks for your vision.” – Grant Maloy
  • “I had an outstanding time and learned so much. I was more than impressed with the caliber of instructional talent as well as the atmosphere that promoted a fun & supportive learning environment. You really did an a great job assembling personalities that worked extremely well together.” – John Michaelos
  • “This banjo novice loved everything about the Camp. If I am not there next year, please say a few kind words on my behalf, as I will have passed on.” – T Williams
  • “Loved it!” It’s taking me to new levels” – Janet Rucker
  • “Four Star!! I really enjoyed every aspect of the Camp. See you next year.” – Shirley Elliser
  • “Absolutely fantastic!!!” – Ashley Blincow
  • “I had a wonderful time; let’s do it again next weekend!” – Bob Gross
  • “My first time exposed to an old-time jam – [It] really cooks! Sign me up for next year.” – Todd Goodwill
  • “Awesome! Yet another mind-blowing experience. So happy to be a part of this.” – Aisha Ivey

What They Liked Best About Suwannee Banjo Camp

  • “Wide variety of classes, and everyone can attend whatever interests them. Instructors are accessible throughout weekend.” Toni Armstrong
  • “Variety & specificity of classes” – Ashley Blincow
  • “The setting, the staff, the concert!” – Jacque Rasmussen
  • “Great staff, well taught pertinant material” – Kevin Fuller
  • “Serious learning from brilliant instructors” Tim Lynch
  • “Wanted to be in Two Places at Once” – Lawrence Barker
  • ” Each class time slot had several classes that I was interested in – There was not a time when I couldn’t find something to do that was helpful” – Tony Glaum
  • “The awesome teachers” (Janet Rucker)
  • “Instructors will take extra time with you after class.” – John Maronel
  • “Relaxed, friendly instructional staff.” – Michael Elliser
  • “The ability to rub elbows with the top names in the banjo world and go one on one with the great teachers” – Tom Mickle
  • “The new challenges I got from the classes to go back and work on” – Mike Bollick
  • “That there is representation from African Roots, minstrel, and old-time through bluegrass and more modern forms” – Matthew Sabatella


2009 SBC Attendees

2009 Schedule


Student Comments on Suwannee Banjo Camp 2009

Overall Assessment

  • You guys did a fantastic job with the camp this year – big congratulations!  I have so many valuable handouts that I had to go out and buy a 3-ring binder to organize them. All the instructors were super. Congrats on a super camp – you guys have earned two places in banjo heaven, for sure!!!! (Ivan Browning: St. Augustine, FL)
  • Thanks for an amazing experience this weekend. The faculty was outstanding and the structure was perfect – a great balance of fundamentals and advanced topics, and classes built on each other within each track. If there were logistical problems, either you guys handled them really well or we were all having too much fun to notice! (Casey Reynolds: Fairhope, AL)
  • This was my first banjo camp and I want to commend you all on how smoothly it ran. I had a great time. I didn’t have hardly any idle time which was good. I will be digesting what I learned and the class sizes were great. I look forward to attending next year. Overall: fantastic job!! (Antonio Arcaro: Lake Worth: FL)
  • Great! Great! I loved the talent here (Willa Dean Patterson: Perry, FL)
  • Fourth time and it’s the best so far (John Winston: El Paso, TX)
  • Excellent, very well organized. Additional bluegrass instructors was a huge plus. All of the instructors were helpful and took good care of the students. (Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville, FL)
  • I’m very glad I came. Thanks to all who provided for the event . I hope to be back! (Bob Gross: Winter Garden, FL)
  • Paul Brown, Adam Hurt, Brad Leftwich were my teachers – All were great! (Bill Griffin: Atlanta, GA)
  • Thanks for all the hard work. I hope this camp continues year after year. I will be here. (Michael Bolling: Rock Hill, SC)
  • The camp was wonderful – it was a real pleasure to attend.  in addition to the great bluegrass instructors I also appreciated all of the old time music. The concert was great. Count me in next year. (John Contino: Naples, FL)
  • Very good instruction. Got good things to work on and think about. The staff and subjects taught are different, numerous, really good. Thank you so much for your hard work for such a successful camp. I will come back. (Sharon Hartman: Winter Hills, FL)
  • Thank you for putting together a great camp. This was my first camp experience and I would definitely like to return (Larry Duncan: Waterboro, SC)
  • You guys are doing a great job and great service to the banjo and old-time music community (Jim Strickland: Wesley Chapel, FL)
  • The number and quality of the instructors was particularly notable (Terry Barnes: Old Town, FL)
  • First rate – very well organized from web info through the day to day of the camp; very wide variety of offerings with accomplished teachers. (Tony Pizzo: Savannah, GA)
  • Great location; relaxed atmosphere, lots of fun. All the instructors were well prepared and covered the topics of the workshops well. (Linda Machia: Seattle, WA)
  • I picked up more stuff this year than ever!  (Lew Hendrix: Makanda, IL)
  • Too many good classes to choose from at the same time (Matthew Sabatella: Hollywood, FL)
  • I am very impressed with the time, energy, and work you put into making the whole thing happen. It’s just really great and I learned a lot. The Akonting part was really neat and I love that it helped give a historical context to the clawhammer style and showed the roots side of it. Really amazing that we can get that kind of hands-on African experience right here in Florida. As for my other classes, I feel like I learned so much in such a short period of time. Paul [Brown] was a really good teacher and I have been having fun trying the crazy tunings he showed us. Also was very impressed with Brad Leftwich, Bob Carlin and Adam Hurt – all the teachers, really. And the jams were very fun. (Aisha Ivey, Jacksonville, FL)

What They Liked Best About Suwannee Banjo Camp 2009

  • Enthusiasm of instructors (Ralph Sloan: Punta Gorda, FL)
  • Variety of Instruction; friendly accessible competent faculty (Ivan Browning: St. Augustine, FL)
  • Wide Variety of workshops & teachers to be inspired and encouraged by (Bob Gross: Winter Garden, FL)
  • Good instructors – wide array of classes/subjects (who would have thought so much could be banjo material!!! (Sharon Hartman:Winter Park, FL)
  • Being at a beautiful state park with other like minded musicians (Jim Strickland: Wesley Chapel, FL)
  • Contact with the top instructors in old time music (Richard Mandell: Corbin, KY)
  • The overall variety of the instructors and subjects to choose from: traditional, melodic, clawgrass (Ron Smith: Lakeland, FL)
  • Wonderful bluegrass jams (Lew Hendrix: Makanda, IL)
  • (1) The staff: varied, dedicated, professional, personal; (2) The Concerts!!! (Melissa McCormick: Naples, FL)
  • It uniquely promotes mutual bluegrass/old-time appreciation, especially through concerts (Ninian Beall: Butner, NC)
  • The instructors are high-caliber and good teachers: not just good players; they are here to help me learn, not to “show off.” (Tony Glaum: Linwood, KS)
  • Being able to conversed with and question the instructors, especially regarding music theory (Antonio Arcaro: Lake Worth FL)
  • Variety- structured pace – chance to hear others play – chance to learn new songs and licks. Faculty eating with everyone and being so accessible is terrific! (Tom Armstrong, Jr.: Riviera Beach, FL)


2008 SBC Attendees


2008 Schedule

Student Comments on Suwannee Banjo Camp 2008

General Comments

  • Best hands-on musical experience of my life. (Ivan Browning: St. Augustine)
  • Thanks for putting together such a great camp. It was the highlight of my year. Please keep them coming. (Jim Anderson: Atlanta)
  • For me it was 3 days of banjo heaven! I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. (Laurie Baardse: Largo, Florida)
  • I did want to pass along to you my appreciation for your efforts. I thoroughly enjoyed the camp and plan to return. Janet Davis was an outstanding instructor (I hope she comes back), the food was GREAT, and overall my only complaint is that I had to go home. (Tony Glaum: Linwood, Kansas)
  • My first camp: I liked meeting people at my level and the “greats” as well. The concert was awesome. (Lee Stevens: Gainesville)
  • The range and choices surpassed those of other camps I’ve attended; a delightful and inspirational way to spend a weekend. Thank you! (Ross Friedman: Atlanta)
  • Excellent – such great attention to detail! (Toni Armstrong, Jr.: Riviera Beach, Florida)
  • Thanks! I feel good about my playing thanks to you guys. (John Flynn: Litchfield, Connecticut)
  • I could hardly have had more fun, and I was pointed in the direction of more banjonic stuff than I can ever assimilate (must practice now, must practice now.) (Ernie Williams: San Antonio, Florida)
  • Excellent choice of classes, good food, great instructors, beautiful location. (Marg Chauvin: Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
  • A wonderful weekend full of fun and learning; I really enjoyed the camp! I felt honored to be with such professionals. (Dale Palmer: Niceville, Florida)
  • Wonderful experience– thanks for a job well done. (Steve Jeffress: Blue Ridge, Georgia)
  • Thank you for a great weekend. It was an inspiration to be around so much talent and great classes. A highlight event for me: Laura Boosinger sang a song to my 3-year old granddaughter under a huge oak tree – with banjo! This was a special, personal experience with an instructor. Many thanks! (Carole Jeffress: Blue Ridge, Georgia)
  • Excellent, the best since I started attending three years ag.o (Karl Zawoy: High Springs, Florida).
  • This year as in past years, the instructors are helpful at all levels. I’m already looking forward to next year. (John Catches: Tallahassee, Florida)
  • Superb! This camp is an inspiring opportunity for me. Very little old-time music where I live and work. The opportunity to actually play with the musicians whom I have been studying, and get to know them, has given me a sense of community with “old time.” (Dr. Joe West: Moncks Corner, South Carolina)
  • Thanks for another great camp (Marilyn Ouellette: Wetmore, Michigan )
  • Great fun, Excellent instruction (Elliot Robinson: Scarborough, Maine)
  • Incredible experience, great networking, friendly and accessible staff. (Cheryl Malinowski: Jacksonville)
  • I felt really welcomed and safe here. Don’t change the site, it’s beautiful. (Jill Lavetsky: Stuart, Florida)
  • Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the camp! This was my first year and I thought you both did a great job. I was very impressed with the teachers and my only regret is that I could not be in more than one place at a time. (Paula Tyner: Gainesville)
  • The event far exceeded my expectations, both in camaraderie and instruction. I came away with a program for at least three or four months work in both fiddle and banjo. (Gene Senyak: Asheville, North Carolina )
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Everyone, staff and students, were very friendly and willing to share their knowledge, which I appreciate. The food was great and instructors very helpful. Can’t wait until next year. (Fred Marshe: Orange Park, Florida)

What they liked best about Suwannee Banjo Camp 2008

  • Hangin’ with Bill Keith. Concert was great. Casual awesome atmosphere. O’Leno is stupendous, too. Food also was very, very good quality. (Tom Grant: Gainesville )
  • Inspiration, information, so many banjo styles, excellently organized flow. (Toni Armstrong, Jr.: Riviera Beach, Florida)
  • Access to instructors in a more intimate setting; the Park itself is a very pleasant and peaceful natural environment. (Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville)
  • Laid back learning experience; low key, supportive, approachable instructors! (Lynn Killion: Monroe, North Carolina)
  • Small number of participants, natural setting, the curriculum, available, friendly instructors. (Ivan Browning: St. Augustine)
  • Setting: beautiful, people: friendly. (Basil Clark: Arcadia, Florida)
  • The camp was run very smoothly, organized. (Jill Lavetsky: Stuart, Florida)


2007 SBC Attendees


Front row, L-R: Brad Leftwich, Bob Carlin, Chuck Levy, Ken Perlman, Reed Martin. Back row, L-R, Bill Keith, Mark Johnson, Bill Paine, Mary Z. Cox, Alan Jabbour.

2007 SBC Instructors


2007 Schedule


Student Comments on Suwannee Banjo Camp, 2007

General Comments

  • Fabulous, incredible, can’t say enough. This was a wonderful, memorable experience, one of the best weekends of my life! It was a joy through and through. All the faculty were very helpful. It was wonderful to see and hear Bob Carlin and Brad Leftwich jamming together. It was also great to participate in a jam with Alan Jabbour. The whole experience was a joyful high the whole weekend. Thank you all so much!! (Brian Nolan: Salem, Virginia)
  • This camp offers a great opportunity for exposure to some of the greatest instructors/players in the country. Just getting together with the student body would be worth it, but the faculty do a great job of preventing banjo chaos. ’m looking forward to SBC #5. See you again next year! (John Catches: High Springs, Florida)
  • This is an exceptional music camp. You not only learn repertoire and technique, but also strategies to be a more creative musician (Ellen Stahl: Tamarac, Florida)
  • Good music, good friends, good food, and I always take away a year’s good stuff to work on. (Jeannie Greenfield Lamb: Trenton, Florida)
  • Outstanding! This camp is a real high point of the year for me. (Bill Griffin: Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Worth the 20 hours of driving. A pleasure! (Harold Mandell: Corbin, Kentucky)
  • Better than I could have ever expected. Absolutely great! (Adam Zimmerman: Brechin, Ontario, Canada)
  • Delightful experience! (Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville, Florida)
  • I would recommend the camp to any banjo player (George Verwys: Vestal, New York)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Instructors were friendly and helpful without exception. (Cheryl Malinowski: Jacksonville, Florida)
  • From my perspective, the entire weekend was outstanding. (John Malinowski: Jacksonville, Florida)
  • My first camp for banjo – A/OK! (Fred Wilson: Live Oak, Florida)

What they liked best about Suwannee Banjo Camp 2007

  • Diversity of the instructors and students. The bluegrass track was a great idea and you couldn’t have made a better choice than Bill Keith. (John Catches: High Springs, Florida)
  • The instruction, the friendliness, the location – and more, like even the international presence among the participants!!! (Jane Perry-Camp Schiffman: Tallahassee, Florida)
  • Seeing, hearing, meeting the “big guys” and the helpful, experienced participants. A great orientation to the banjo world! (Peggy Martin: Acworth, Georgia)
  • Exposure to so much excellent music, musicianship, commitment, style, etc. (Steve Sherrill: Altoona, Pennsylvania)
  • Small enough for a lot of interaction with instructors; well organized schedule (Patrick Plumlee: Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Exposure to the experts and their views (Ron Whisler: Edgewater, Florida)
  • Great instructors (George Verwys: Vestal, New York)
  • How approachable the instructors are. (Adam Zimmerman: Brechin, Ontario, Canada)
  • Friendliness of instructors (John Keldahl: Fort Valley, Georgia)
  • Accessibility and friendliness of the instructors (Jim Shroka: St. Augustine, Florida)
  • Instructors, quality and accessibility; nice location and facilities (Ed Wells: Morrow, Georgia)
  • Willingness of instructors to teach in a non-intimidating manner (Kevin Rapp:, Halifax, Pennsylvania)

Student Comments on Suwannee Banjo Camp 2006

“Everytime I’ve been its been wonderful and it gets better every year. I always come away with lots of new knowledge but more importantly a new inspiration to play more music. It always gets me practicing.” (Ross Beck, Talahassee, FL)

“Thanks to you and all of the other instructors for a fantastic weekend.  This is my third Suwannee Banjo Camp, and each one has been a great learning experience.  However, I have to say that the opportunity to meet and spend time with such a great group of banjo enthusiasts, fanatics, or whatever you call them has been an equal benefit.” (John Catches, High Springs, FL )

“Well, it’s hard to thank you for any thing new,… [but] camp, staff, planning a great variety of classes, all the hard work you and your staff put in to make this happen for us, I give my deepest thanks; for my next year’s worth of homework, even more thanks!!” (Rick Dundas, Clearwater, FL)

“I loved every minute last weekend. “(Jeannie Greenfield, Trenton, FL)

” I’ll be at the next one wherever it’s held.” (Bill Griffin, Atlanta, GA)

“I enjoyed the camp a great deal… I really enjoyed the diversity of interests and styles among the instructors… We talked about repeating the camp next year, and likely will do so. Maybe my grandson will come too. (Lew Hendrix, Makanda, IL)”

“I had a great time at the camp this year and learned a lot, certainly plenty to practice for a long time to come.  Thanks for all you do to keep the tradition alive!” (Jim Ryan, Auburn, AL)

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this year’s camp. I learned so much, and made so many very nice friendships. Once again, many, many thanks for a truly wonderful and uplifting experience!” (Harold Schiffman, Tallahassee, FL )

“I wouldn’t miss next year’s camp for the world, regardless of where it’ll be held, (within reason).  My biggest problem since leaving O’Leno has been to not talk too much about it and bore my wife to tears. It was a great experience!” (Dutch Schultz, Gainesville, FL )

I really valued the variety of information from all the instructors with such varied backgrounds. Being a band member, I was able to draw ideas and inspiration from Bob Carlin, Mark Johnson, Art Rosenbaum and Ken Perlman. How much more diverse can you get!!!  Thanks for the mix . Thank you for all your hard work, it really paid dividends, and much more information than I can hope to distill over the next year. But then that’s really a blessing — to have so many ideas to choose from, and pick those most appropriate to my needs. (Ron Smith, Lakeland, FL )

“The camp was sensational, even better than last year. I feel real growth and have so much to work on!” (Ellen Stahl, Tamarak, FL)

“Thanks to you and the staff for another great banjo camp and I’ll be ready for my 4th one next year.” (Ron Whisler, Edgewater, FL )

This camp has really helped me broaden my scope… Many thanks to all for one of the best musical experiences!” (John Winston, El Paso, TX )

“I loved the Camp this year!!  It just keeps getting better.  The addition of the fiddle workshop was great. I brought three new people with me this year and they say they will all be returning.” (Kathy Zemanek, St. Augustine, FL)



DATES: MARCH 12-15, 2020



Here is our 2019 Camp Photo

Click to Access & Download a High Res Version of our 2019 Camp Photo, Suitable for Printing

Camp News & Updates


SBC was featured in the Nov. 18 Issue of Bluegrass Unlimited

Check out the feature article on us by Vicki Dean right here.

This is our 2020 faculty:

  • Old-Time Banjo: Paul Brown, John Herrmann, Terri McMurray, Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman & Lukas Pool
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Bill Evans, Casey Henry, Ned Luberecki, Alan Munde and Jeff Scroggins
  • Other Instruments: Jim Hurst (bluegrass guitar);  Pete Vigour (old-time fiddle)
  • Some classes in fiddle will be taught by Paul Brown and John Herrmann
  • Some classes in guitar will be taught by Alan Munde & Joe Newberry
  • Guest Faculty: TBA

Come study 5-string banjo with some of today’s best players and teachers. Our program features hands-on classes, demonstrations, and two big faculty concerts, and still leaves lots of time for jamming with your fellow banjo enthusiasts. SBC offers serious instruction in clawhammer, old-time fingerpicking, and bluegrass banjo styles. We also offer full-time programs in old-time fiddle and bluegrass guitar.

Note: Clawhammer and old-time fingerpicking together are often referred to as old-time banjo.


Suwannee Banjo Camp now runs straight through from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. We offer nine class sessions — three on Friday, four on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes long. There are staff concerts on both Friday and Saturday evenings; over the course of the weekend you’ll have the opportunity to hear our entire staff in concert. Rounding out the program are “demonstrations,” presentations, and staff-led bluegrass and old-time jams conducted at a variety of skill levels. See below for more details.

Can I Still Attend Suwannee Banjo Camp Just from Friday to Sunday? (The Weekend-Only Option)

Yes, you can. You can still enjoy SBC even if you can’t take an extra day off. Our Weekend-Only Option begins with the first class Friday afternoon. Included are seven hands-on classes and all meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Also included are the two faculty concerts, staff-led jams on Friday and Saturday evenings, and demonstrations on Friday afternoon. Rates for the weekend-only option appear on the “Registration” page.

How to Reserve On-Site Lodging . . .

Lodging must be reserved and paid for directly through our host, Cerveny Conference Center. Here’s the procedure. First register for camp. We then send you an acknowledgement email, which also  contains a Cerveny Lodging Link. Use this link to reserve and pay for you on-site lodging.  You have a choice of single and double occupancy guest rooms, RV sites, cabin bunks, or tent camping (see the lodging and reservation pages for more details). You will also have the opportunity to specify roommates, ask for handicapped friendly rooms, etc.


You can easily commute to camp – and pay only for tuition and meals – either from home or from an area hotel or B&B. For more info, click on the Stay on Site tab, in the Tuition, Meals and Lodging section.

Our Full-Time Fiddle & Guitar Tracks

For more information on our full-time tracks in fiddle and guitar, click on the Classes menu item.


Suwannee Banjo Camp takes place at beautiful Cerveny Conference Center at Camp Weed in Live Oak, Florida. For more info, click on the “Our New Location” menu item, or visit the Cerveny Conference Center website.

Class Sessions

SBC offers nine class sessions over the course of the weekend — three on Friday, four on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes long.


Student Orientation takes place on Thursday evening right after dinner, prior to the start of the Thursday evening activities.

Thursday Evening Activities

On Thursday evening following orientation, we kick off our program with a student open mic and band scramble, in which students can perform as soloists, in groups of their own choosing, or in randomly assigned ensembles (some people call these “band scrambles”). To make the band scramble experience more rewarding, we assign an instructor to serve as coach for each ensemble. The evening concludes with staff-led jams at different levels featuring either old-time or bluegrass music. We also offer jams with a vocals focus.


“Demos” take place on Friday afternoon. They are presentations or mini-performances combined with explication and Q&A sessions. They are similar to the kind of round-robin events called “workshops” at many Folk and Bluegrass Festivals.

Why attend Demonstrations? Although there’s no hands-on instruction, demonstrations offer a valuable learning experience. By watching our instructors play in the demos, and listening to their explanatory remarks and verbal interchanges, you get a strong sense not only of the state of the field, but also of the history of bluegrass and old-time music. What’s more, observing the instructors in action is a great way to discover whose styles you are most attracted to, and whose methods of presentation suit you best.

Faculty Concerts

We have two faculty concerts at SBC — one on Friday and the other on Saturday evening. During the course of SBC you’ll have an opportunity to hear our entire staff in concert. To get the idea of what to expect, here is a selection of videos from past SBC Faculty Concerts.


Staff-led jams at different levels are held following each faculty concert for bluegrass and old-time banjo. We also feature jams for vocalists and other specialized interests.

Our 2019 Faculty

  • Old-Time Banjo: Paul Brown, John Herrmann, Terri McMurray,  Joe Newberry, Ken Perlman, and Lukas Pool
  • Bluegrass Banjo: Scott Anderson, Bill Evans, Casey Henry, James McKinney, Ned Luberecki, Alan Munde, and Jeff Scroggins
  • Fiddle: Pete Vigour (principal instructor); classes will also be taught by Paul Brown and John Herrmann
  • Guitar: Jim Hurst (principal instructor);  classes  also be taught by Alan Munde & Joe Newberry
  • Guest Faculty: TBA

Photos and bios of our staff are posted on the Instructors page.

Starting and Ending Times

Check-in for the full Camp Opens at 3:00 PM on Thursday March 12; hands-on classes start promptly at 9:15 AM on Friday March 13. Camp ends following lunch at 1:30 PM, Sunday March 15.

Start Time for the Weekend-Only Option

Check-in for the Weekend Only Option starts at 11:00 AM Friday, March 13; your first camp meal is dinner (6:00 pm). The program begins about 1:30 pm that afternoon and continues through the morning of Sunday March 15.

SBC was featured in the Nov. 18, 2018 Issue of Bluegrass Unlimited

Check out the feature article on us by Vicki Dean right here.

This Was SBC’s 2019 T-Shirt Design (look for our 2020 design in early January).

This was our 2019 design; aptly featuring an egret flying against a background Spanish moss (this is a common sight at Camp; admittedly it is less common to see the egret carrying a banjo. . .).