2023 Camp Tuition & Fees

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One Price for Tuition and Meals

At SBC, a single price covers tuition and meals, but lodging must be paid for separately through Cerveny Conference Center. There are several lodging options: guest room single occupancy, guest room double occupancy, cabin bunk, RV site, tent site, and commuter. All the lodging options, and how to reserve lodging from Cerveny Conference Center are are all explained in detail on the Lodging Page.

Tuition Prices (Including Meals) for Full Camp and Weekend-Only Options

  • Full Camp (from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, includes meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch): $690
  • Weekend-Only Option (from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon; includes meals from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch): $565

Note: Lodging must be paid for separately, directly to Cerveny Conference Center. For instructions, see below and also the Lodging Page.


Commuter rates for tuition and meals are the same as for resident students; the only difference is that you simply do NOT need to sign up for on-site housing. This said, please be sure to check the “commuter” box on the registration form so we know that in your case lodging is not required.

Non-playing Spouses, Chaperones and Companions

Half Price!! We offer a special arrangement for non-playing spouses, chaperones and companions of registered students. The spouse/companion/chaperone pays half the regular price for tuition and meals. The spouse/chaperone/companion rate entitles them to the full meal plan and access to demonstrations, jams, and concerts. They may not attend classes. Every non-playing spouse/companion/chaperone must fill out a separate registration form.

Lodging Arrangement for Spouse/Companions: We are unable to offer a half-price arrangement re lodging at camp. Spouse companions who stay on site will have to sign up for housing separately and pay the full lodging price.

Note: we may need to limit the number of spouses and companions. If we begin to run out of space for additional registrants at Camp, we reserve the right to prioritize the admission of regular students.

Complete Non-Participants Who Reside on Site

If your spouse/companion plans to simply stay in an on-site lodging space, RV, or tent through the weekend without signing up for meals, attending concerts or having any other contact with the camp, they do NOT need to register for camp. You just need to supply us with their names and emergency contact information.

Reserving and Paying for Lodging

You must reserve and pay for your lodging directly through our host, Cerveny Conference Center at Camp Weed. Here’s the procedure. First register for camp. We then send you an acknowledgement email, which also contains a Cerveny Lodging Link. Use this link to reserve and pay for you on-site lodging. All the lodging options, and how to reserve lodging from Cerveny Conference Center are are all explained in detail on the Lodging Page.

Lodging Prices

For your convenience, lodging prices are re-stated here. Note that “Full-Camp” refers to three nights’ lodging (Thursday thru Saturday) and “Weekend-Only” refers to two nights’ lodging (Friday and Saturday). Full descriptions of each kind of lodging appears above.

Here are the 2019 lodging prices, including 10% Florida Housing Tax:

  • Guest Room, Single Occupancy (motel-level accommodations). Full Camp: $270; Weekend-Only: $180
  • Guest Room, Double Occupancy (motel-level accommodations).  Full Camp: $135; Weekend-Only: $90
  • Cabin Residency (bunk beds but with indoor plumbing, a/c and heat). Full Camp: $75; Weekend-Only: $50
  • RV Residency with Hookup. Full Camp: $57*; Weekend-Only: $86*
  • Tent Camping Residency. Full Camp: $30*; Weekend-Only: $20*

* Note:  RV charges are per vehicle; tent camping charges are per tent. If there are multiple residents in the RV or tent, only one resident pays the RV or tent rate; all additional residents simply  simply pay the tuition and meals rate*

Students Under 18

Minor students may attend SBC if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Parents must sign a permissions form that allows their child to attend (please contact us and ask us to send a Youth Permissions Form). If a non-parent acts as “guardian” at Camp he or she must have signed permission to do so from a parent. Parents or Camp-Guardians may register as students, but if they do not wish to fully participate in Camp they may register for SBC at the non-playing spouse/companion” rate (see above).

Paying a Tuition Deposit

**Note: All new registrations made after Jan. 16, 2023 must be accompanied by payment of full tuition.**

Our internet sales platform requires a certain system for handling deposits and balances. If you wish to put down a $100 deposit to hold your place at camp, you just partially register at this time. During the deposit registration process, you will enter your name and email. You’ll also be asked to fill out a questionnaire, which allows you to provide us with information about your interests. When you select “Deposit Only” on the registration form, a charge for $100 will appear in your shopping cart. Once you finish the financial transaction, you will be issued a thank you email. Within a few days, you will receive a follow-up email from Suwannee Banjo Camp with a promo code for $100 which you will apply when you complete a full registration (see below).

Note 1: All those who have registered with a deposit must submit the remainder of their tuition by Jan. 16, 2023. Again, all new registrations made after that date must be accompanied by payment of full tuition.

Note 2:  When you place a tuition deposit, unless you plan to commute you must also reserve lodging through Cerveny Conference Center at Camp Weed. See details on the Lodging page.

Note 3: You may register right up to the start of Camp!

Paying Your Tuition Balance

Once you have paid your tuition deposit and filled out your questionnaire, you are registered for Camp as far as we are concerned. To pay your balance online, however, our sales platform requires the following procedure:

  • Go to the Register Here page to find our registration form. Then register for camp as if you are STARTING FROM SCRATCH, beginning with the tuition and meals package of your choice. You do NOT have to re-do the survey about your interests.
  • After you select the full-tuition amount and click, you will find yourself on a second page that has a box labeled “promo code.” Enter your promo code in that box, and the $100 deposit you’ve already paid will ultimately be deducted from your amount.

Refunds for Cancellation 

Here is our refund policy:

    • There is no penalty for cancellation until Jan. 16,  2023.
    • Jan. 17 -March 1:  students who cancel after Jan. 16 and before March 1 will have $100 deducted from their tuition or deposit refunds.
    • March 1 – March 16. We must commit to a firm meals count by March 1 and have to pay for these meals whether or not a given registrant attends camp; students who cancel after March 1 and before the start of Camp will have $150 deducted from their refunds.
    • Students who cancel on or after the start of Camp on March 16, 2023 (or who simply fail to appear at camp) will have $250 deducted from their tuition refund.

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

We are extremely optimistic that we’ll be able to hold Suwannee Banjo Camp safely in 2023 at our usual venue in Live Oak, Florida. In the very unlikely event that we need to move the camp online again due to Pandemic concerns, here is our policy.

  • If we need to cancel SBC 2023 – or move the camp online – due to Covid safety concerns, every registrant will be offered a full refund for tuition and meals payments – either by check or through our payment platform.
  • Cerveny Conference Center will also refund all lodging payments and deposits
  • If we move online, registrants will be offered the opportunity to roll over their deposit, or a portion of their full payment to SBC-online tuition.
  • In the event that we need to cancel, registrants will also have the option of leaving their deposits or full payments for tuition and meals in the “system” for 2024,
  • We will make our final decision on moving forward with the in-person camp no later than Jan. 1, 2023. However, if the situation is borderline we might wait a little longer before making the final determination.
  • If at any point our venue, Cerveny Conference Center, preempts us and decides to close down for the season for safety concerns we will immediately inform all registrants and offer to refund all tuition and meals payments.