2021 Camp Tuition & Fees

Note: SBC has just made the decision to move online for 2021. This requires re-doing the registration form and changing the way that payments are processed. We’ll be up and running again soon.    

Revised Dates: Saturday & Sunday, MARCH 13-14, 2021

Registration For the Online Camp will Open Shortly

Tuition gen-300-t

  • Full Camp (all classes and other activities Saturday and Sunday): $240
  • Single Day – Saturday (all classes and other activities): $125
  • Single Day – Sunday (all classes and other activities): $125

Students Under 18

Minor students may attend SBC if supervised by a parent or other responsible adult. Parents must sign a permissions form that allows their child to attend (please contact us and ask us to send a Youth Permissions Form).

Refunds for Cancellation (and Covid-19 Policy)

Here is our refund policy:

  • There is no penalty for cancellation until Feb. 1,  2021.
  • Feb. 1-Feb. 26:  students who cancel after Feb. 1 and before Feb. 26  will have $100 deducted from their tuition or deposit refunds.
  • Feb. 26-March 10. We must commit to a firm meals count by Feb. 26 and have to pay for these meals whether or not a given registrant attends camp; students who cancel between Feb. 26 and March 10 will therefore have $150 deducted from their refunds.
  • Students who cancel on or after March 11, 2020 (or who simply fail to appear at camp) will have $250 deducted from their tuition refund.