~ About Our Next Banjo Camp ~

Dates for Next Camp:

MARCH 13-16, 2025



2020 Bluegrass Banjo

Bluegrass Banjo Track

We offer four levels or tracks of instruction in bluegrass banjo: novice, lower intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced.

Novice track

The novice track in bluegrass banjo is for students with well under a year’s playing experience. Recognizing that novices have unique learning requirements, we offer a systematic course of instruction that starts from scratch, and which is designed to impart both needed skills and effective practice-attitudes.

Lower Intermediate Track

The intermediate track is for those players who are above the novice level but are still in the process of mastering basic techniques. The focus here is overwhelmingly on acquiring the skills you’ll need to grow as a player. This track is for students who have been playing between nine months and two years.

Upper Intermediate Track

This track is for students who have been playing at least two years. Classes in this track are not necessarily technically demanding, but they generally require that students have considerable familiarity with the instrument.

Advanced Track

These challenging classes give our instructors the opportunity to offer students the full depth of  their expertise and experience.


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